More than ever before, the profession of radiology faces challenges that directly impact the quality of care for patients.  Specifically, over the past several years other health professions have sought to expand their scope of practice to include the operation and interpretation of tests using all imaging modalities without qualification as to what kind of imaging.  These individuals lack the education and training that radiologists possess.  Thus far, we have been successful in beating back these efforts which would compromise patient care.  However, the battle will continue next legislative session and we need your help more than ever.  Your contribution to the MRPAC allows us to join together to support policymakers who support quality care for patients.  By banding together, we help advance the care and safety of our fellow citizens.  Can we count on you to help our cause?

The Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee (MRPAC) was established on April 20, 1994. Our mission is to positively impact the future of radiology in Michigan by supporting the legislative mission of the Michigan Radiological Society. Through the MRPAC, radiologists can collectively organize and raise funds for political contributions to campaigns for statewide officers and members of the Michigan Senate and House. Just as the American College of Radiology acts at the federal level, radiologists in Michigan have the opportunity to support growing relationships that the Chapter has formed with elected officials in the State.  The Michigan Radiology PAC is the voice of radiology representing the legislative and political issues that impact the medical practice of Radiology in Michigan.