About Us

Welcome to the Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee website.

Legislative battles are brewing in Lansing, and one of the most important ways for us to successfully fight them is to donate to the Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee (MRPAC).  Our impact is especially vital in a gubernatorial election year.

One of the active issues underway is an attempt to overhaul or eliminate the prior authorization process in Michigan to reduce delays in patient care. Overhauling or eliminating the prior authorization process will improve access to patient care options, eliminate redundancy from the current process, and ensure the process is transparent and evidence based.  This could have a significant
impact on a patient’s ability to undergo imaging and radiation therapy.  MRS will be joining MSMS in attempting to modernize this process.

Another recurring issue is INTERSTATE MEDICAL LICENSURE COMPACT, which is a proposed cost-cutting measure that could have a substantial impact on radiology contracts around the State and Country.  Entities without a Michigan medical license—some corporate and not physician-owned, as we have seen in some institutions—could potentially apply for and compete for radiology contracts in

There is a recurrent bill in the House sponsored by Rep. Ed Canfield, D.O. (R-Sebewaing) proposing eliminating continuing medical education (CME) as a condition of physician licensure in Michigan.  We need your financial help to be effectively involved in these and other issues.  MRS needs a seat at the table to make certain diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy and interventional radiology have their interest heard.  More importantly, patient care and evidence-based medicine needs to prevail.

Thank you for your time, generosity, and membership.

Mark Weiss, MD, FACR
Vice Chairman,
Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee